Jul 17, 2011

PINWHEEL by Renny Ruth Roren

Just ordered this lovely dress from this brand new online shop : PINWHEEL....whose owner is my own gorgeous friend, Renny from Parfait Memoire!
And lemme show you several of PINWHEEL's adorable yet affordable collections :
Do visit PINWHEEL, here here here!
(Psst, Renny is going to upload more new stuffs!)

Jul 12, 2011

Random Shots #4

This is Srikaya jam. Take a look at the price.
And this one is Sarikaya. Now you know the difference.

Jul 5, 2011

Happy Birthday dear Adam Young!

This is the man behind "Owl City"! Adam creates the most exquisite lyrics ever, and his imagination is so beyond words...well no wonder, because it's described in his Twitter bio : "Reality is a lovely place but I wouldn't want to live there." It's also obvious that he is the romantic type too, after what he has done to Taylor Swift. (Curious? Go Google it.)
Adam will be here in Indonesia this October and I have bought myself the concert ticket. So stooooked to see him!