Aug 29, 2011

I Wonder if All Korean Girls Are D-I-Y Experts

A new classmate of mine is a Korean, called Ye Dam, and she made this notebook. Yes, she literally made the whole notebook : the binding, the cute tiny pictures inside, and printed some vintage photos to decorate the pages. Insert a really, really long silence here.
The first picture (BMW sport car sketch) was drawn by Engracia.

Aug 25, 2011

Autumn in August

Exceptionally beautiful view near my current domicile. And yes, people... it's a real Hello Kitty house.
(just adjusted new width of the images for your viewing pleasure!)

Aug 21, 2011

Borrow the Book You Can't Afford and Use It Wisely

I borrowed this "Movie Poster" because Audrey was spotted on the cover.

Aug 19, 2011

Two Weeks

University Life begins : Difficult times lie ahead. And separated with my dearest High School babes...

For the future lawyer.

Me want more.

Introducing Sweyn the Sheep (originally, Shaun) from Swapi and Vicky!
And above, Swapi with the another, Shaun the Shit. (taken from his Tumblr)

And this is one of my ass-ignments : make a composition from dots and lines. I'm far from prodigy with this field so the result quite sucks.

And in attempt to steal the lecturer's attention, I made a scrap board to write fourteen points of the differences between studying in High School and University instead of a plain table on a usual boring paper. Cut the papers from expired "Gadis" agenda.

"The quality of early Disney films is legend. Entirely hand-made and drawn scene by scene, the images have a depth and resonance that is not seen in present-day animation." So damn true. I'm sick of Spongebob Squarepants new episodes and everything on Cartoon Network...

Aug 7, 2011

UPH Festival 18

This year, Universitas Pelita Harapan presents its biggest annual event, UPH Festival 18 : Together in Harmony. I came to the sixteenth and seventeenth but for the eighteenth festival, I participated as... the official new UPH student.
UPH Festival is for public welcoming with activities such as bazaars, bike market, academic gallery from each faculty, Gala Concert, art performances, Open House for High School students, and new students orientation. Too bad, new students couldn't really enjoy the whole fair because we didn't have plenty of free time for sight-seeing. Four days of orientation were quite drowsy because new students had a lot of seminar and lectures at the Grand Chapel, also mentoring time.

Yesss, these are some lovely captures from Our Vintage House booth! A little shocked when I saw Paula and Sizeka were at UPH, with their mind-blowing collection which unreachable financially (in my case). Asked Sizeka if I could take pictures and my thought was, she thought I'm a weirdo... well I am.

My new friends in Faculty of Design and Planning - Interior Design.

Unable to take a lot of pictures during the festival, hopefully I can show you more in the next UPH Festival 19! Last day of festival, I was so happy to see Evan, Swapi, Adi and Mimah.... they came to see the firework show. Sorry for the bad quality of firework pictures.
It's a free notebook from BEM of UPH (student organization) and glad to see Audrey Hepburn inside!