Dec 12, 2011


If you always read my blog and Tumblr posts, you must be familiar with my Sylvanian bunny doll, Caramel. She is a resemblance of my former pet, a lop ear rabbit (also called Caramel) which was given to me as 15th birthday gift from my ex. I was not sure if Caramel was a male or female but then I convinced myself that the gender is female.
 I couldn't take my eyes off the cage but around one month later, I started to get bored. Haha yeah, I'm really not good at giving a long-lasting affection to my properties. My mother was concern about Caramel's condition so she suggested me to just give her away to my cousin, so I did it. Never heard of her again until this afternoon, when me and my family visited my cousin's house.....

This is not Caramel. This is his wife. Yes, Caramel was actually a male rabbit! He died this February, but before it, he already had four babies with this female lop ear rabbit. Their babies didn't survive. My Aunt said that she always wanted to tell me about this but unfortunately, she always forgot as well.
Too bad I left all of Caramel's photos in my old hard disk. Rest in peace, buddy. I'm so sorry I was unable to be a good master for you.


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