Dec 28, 2011

Old Love, Japan

Hey, people! It turns out that I have the Internet connection back in my hand after Mom decided to buy new portable USB modem, so just add a bold strikethrough on my last sentence of previous post.
I have some stock of photos to post, but I remember I have been keeping these pictures from my friend, Cindy when she spent her summer vacation in Japan. 

Speaking about Japan, I was dying about it and made a promise to myself and a friend to go there before 17. Yeah, silly dream. I was an otaku and faithful manga reader back then, but the transition made me want to BURN all of my comic books. Manga gave me a huge influence in my childhood. My first comic book ever is Sailor Moon. But I guess I will totally get rid of these big-sparkly-eyed girls, haha... it's just so obvious for me that most of modern shoujo manga stories have seriously boring and flat plot with exaggerating figures. So I stop reading them. And besides, comics are damn so expensive now. Last time I checked, it's IDR 16.500 for each book. I'd rather buy myself a tube of Pringles with that money. But I'm still following the epic series of One Piece and delight daily stories such as Doraemon, Miiko, Kobo Chan and Yotsuba. They are way more entertaining than typical teenager love stories. And by the way, doesn't mean to be sexist... male mangakas write better stories than the female mangakas.
Another thing is, I want to change my style of drawing so bad, but it requires a hard exercise. If I draw a girl, the character still gets this pair of remarkable sparkly eyes which is... so anime


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