Mar 5, 2012

What I Wore Today

Hopefully I'm lucky enough to be featured on Gemma Correll's What I Wore Today blog. If this picture doesn't make it, I swear I'll keep trying and trying and trying and trying again until she picks my picture!
By the way this is just a different style of my drawing, the "lazy" version, probably. Haven't uploaded any of my current look (because, well, who cares haha) so if you notice something new from this picture, that's my hairdo. My hair is much longer now and it's curly (again). My new look is the old look!


Hanna Irena said...

the illustration is so cutee jess :):) love it

Jessica Xu said...

aw thank you Hannaaa :D

Selvi Lorraine said...

really adorable drawing <3<3

Jessica Xu said...

Thank you Selvi!

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