May 17, 2012

Past and Future

This is No. 1 Pocket Kodak from USA in year 1920s (if I'm not mistaken) and another thing that I remember is I have just watched Midnight in Paris. Not a movie that I praise a lot, but it gave me a big smile and series of grinning because Gil, the leading protagonist, is a resemblance of my hopeless desire of being born decades Paris. Sometimes before I fell asleep, I literally prayed to God for a time machine, so I can go back to the past, to the exact year that I wish and think I belong to, and... live my life to the fullest. Weirdo.
By the way, I'm finally on holiday now after these stressful months. But not for long, because next week is the start of my first short semester, which is my attempt to get rid of all FLA subjects as soon as  possible so my concentration on Interior subjects in next semesters won't be distracted anymore.
I have promised myself to be very productive and make no excuses to not drawing during the short semester because it won't be as hectic as the usual semester, and I have made 6 drawings this week, yay! So I guess my next updates will be full of my artwork posts :)


Eden said...

love the vintage camera!

Jessica Xu said...

so do I :D

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