Jul 7, 2012

Freebie : Bowtie Owl Desktop Wallpaper

Another freebie, yay! This is dedicated to my favorite artist ever, Mr. Owl City a.k.a Adam Young, who has just celebrated his 26th birthday last Thursday. You can download the wallpaper here!

The Bowtie Owl was taken from the artwork gift that I made for Adam. I spread the picture on Tumblr, Twitter, and the worldwide HootOwls' birthday video projects. Adam is currently busy with his fourth album, The Midsummer Station, which will be released on August, followed by the upcoming world tour. And you know what.... JAKARTA IS ON HIS WORLD TOUR 2012 LIST! *fangirl scream*

Another birthday picture for Adam, in not-so-serious version. Someone on Twitter asked what does he want for his birthday this year and he answered "food". Responding to this, we wished Adam a happy birthday by making a compilation of food photos. The Toblerone jumbo bar was the only thing inside the fridge at that moment.


elena said...

so cute <3333

Jessica Xu said...

thanks :D

JAL. said...

geez! cc, your art was so damn good ! Keep going :D
wish Adam Young will see this and saying thankyou to you . heheh

Jessica Xu said...

thank you so much, Janice! Haha amen to that!! :"D

Girl With Plastic Camera said...

saw your art work on arnold page! so in love!! you such a creative young girl!
and also, i am in love with you header!!

Girl With Plastic Camera

Jessica Xu said...

Hey thank you so much for your nice words! I really appreciate it :"D

M FOR MODA said...

Found out your blog from Arnold Teja, & agree with him, you're really talented and I love you artworks. Keep up the good work

Jessica Xu said...

Hey it means a lot! Thank you so much :D

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