Jul 28, 2012

Say Hello to Aubergine Garland! (+ Free Postcard For You!)

For those who have noticed it before, I have put the sidebar link for Aubergine Garland months ago but I haven't talked anything about it. So this is it, say hello to this little art project of mine, where you guys are able to buy my artworks!

And now, an announcement for you, guys...

You can help me to introduce Aubergine Garland to the world by : 
- following Aubergine Garland's blog
- posting a tweet about Aubergine Garland and link to the website 
- making a blog post about Aubergine Garland and link to the website

Simply show me the screenshot or link to your tweet / blog post AND your home address via e-mail (weirdoinpink@yahoo.com) or mention me on Twitter (@jessicaxu).
Why do I need your home address? Because I'm going to send each of you an appreciation postcard for helping me! Yes, straight after I received your e-mail / mention, your name will be listed on my list and one appreciation postcard will be on its way to your door.
I'll be waiting until next Sunday on August 5, 2012.

Have a nice day! ;)


Chyntia said...

awesome <3

Jessica Xu said...

thanks :)

JAL. said...

goodluck cc :) it's lovely and yes awesome.

Jessica Xu said...

hihi thank you, Janice :3

eudoraa said...

you made all of them by your self? just check http://auberginegarland.blogspot.com/ and i love all of the design! awesome <3


Jessica Xu said...

Yes, dear! You can get a free postcard if you help me to spread AG's link! ;)
more to come..

Iklan Baris said...

Ikut menyimak artikelnya gan :-)


Celia Indriana said...

HI:) I can still join this event? By the way follow you, hope you check out my blog and follow me back:)

Jessica Xu said...

too bad it's already ended on Sunday, dear :)

tour and travel disurabaya said...

what is aubergine? is it postcard?

Jessica Xu said...

my lil business for custom illustration and greeting cards :)

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