Aug 30, 2012

Tip Toe! Through the Tulips!

No, no tulips were found.
I also learned to ride a bike during the holiday. Haha.

Aug 19, 2012

11 : 47

"The book babbles on about nothing at all
New leaf turns over, unwilling to fall
Tonight I'm busting out of this old haunted house
'Cause I'm sick of waiting for
All those spider webs to grow all around me
'Cause I don't feel dead anymore
And I'm not afraid anymore."

Plant Life - Owl City

Just like what I said on my previous post about the continuation of my hectic days, now I'm sick with cough and flu for real, haha! To awesome ladies whose custom illustration requests are still on the progress, I'm so sorry for silly, unsatisfying mistakes that I've probably done *fingers crossed*
But today I went for a video shoot with my sister. Not really far, it was done at the streets near my residence. This project is my Observational Graphics assignment. Will show you the final result after it's done!
To be honest, I have been in the mood to write.... a poem, since months ago. And with my condition right now, I become more eager to do it. I don't know why. Yet I don't know what to write. Okay this one is pointless, just ignore me. Haha. I want to blab a lot right now but too tired to think about exquisite words to arrange. Just take a deep look on Plant Life lyrics above. Oh yeah by the way, Owl City a.k.a Adam Young's fourth album, The Midsummer Station, will be out this Tuesday, on August 21. And guess what... on that date I'll be back to my hometown and I'm not even sure if this little place has a music store!

Happy Eid, my Muslim readers! Have a happy Lebaran holiday, everyone!

Aug 17, 2012


Boys are cool with one wallet and one cellular phone only when they go out, but girls are not. I'm sure most of the you girls, have at least three compulsory items to bring when you have to leave your house. Mine are : phone, camera, iPod, purse, a book and a small bottle of body mist. (No make-up tools detected, haha!)
But now, I have a new little friend that must be there inside my bag : introducing Solusimu, the disposable paper toilet seat cover!

Have you ever experienced a huge urge to urinate (pee) or defecate (poo) at a public place, but the public toilet didn't make you feel secure enough because you were way too worried about its hygiene? However, this "nature call" was unbearable and you didn't have any other choice.
We actually have to be seriously concerned about this issue. For ladies in all age, bad germs from dirty toilet seat can cause "keputihan"(leucorrhoea), an abnormal vaginal secretion that can be potentially continued with urinary tract infection and malignancy. More than just a disgusted feeling, using an unclean toilet will give you a dangerous threat for your health.  
But don't worry, because Solusimu Paper Toilet Seat Cover is here to give you the real solution!

Solusimu Paper Toilet Seat Cover's Travel Pack is very practical and won't take a big space of your bag. The usage is really easy : simply take one sheet, disconnect the joints, put it on the toilet seat and sit in peace! And after you are done with your "business", you don't even have to bother to dispose the seat cover to a trash bin because you can flush it into the toilet!
Solusimu Paper Toilet Seat Cover is made of 100% environmentally friendly soft virgin pulp, which is safe to flush and won't cause clogging, even after a long term use. Based on a research, it is even four times faster to dissolve in water, more than regular toilet tissue roll.

For me, this paper toilet seat cover seriously comes in handy. I actually just experienced a moment related to this issue a few days ago : me, in all of sudden attacked by a strong stomachache and the closest toilet stall to where I were could be described by the word "yuck" only.
But thank God I have kept Solusimu in my bag. This paper toilet seat cover relieved me a lot and I could sit in peace for real!

Go get Solusimu Paper Toilet Seat Cover for a very affordable price in Children's Store (Pacific Place, Senayan City, FX Mall) or visit their website for further information.

Remember, germs are not for sharing.

Aug 11, 2012

Aug 9, 2012

10 Days to Go

Guys, thank you so much for kindly helping me to introduce Aubergine Garland to the community! It was really flattering and exciting for me to see actual people's responses towards what I'm working on. I'm so stoked to run this tiny business, by doing something I love and earn extra money from it (yay), but the bad news is... the third semester of my university life has begun and I have to brace myself for sleepless nights, tasks, tasks, tasks, being sick with flu, abandoned tower of dishes in washing basin and so on. 
Aubergine Garland is still open for business during my hard times hehe, and I'll check my mailbox every day so don't you worry about neglected messages. I'll always reply every e-mail that comes, I love receiving e-mails. Massive new designs for postcard are about to come, by the way!

10 days to go until libur Lebaran.