Aug 19, 2012

11 : 47

"The book babbles on about nothing at all
New leaf turns over, unwilling to fall
Tonight I'm busting out of this old haunted house
'Cause I'm sick of waiting for
All those spider webs to grow all around me
'Cause I don't feel dead anymore
And I'm not afraid anymore."

Plant Life - Owl City

Just like what I said on my previous post about the continuation of my hectic days, now I'm sick with cough and flu for real, haha! To awesome ladies whose custom illustration requests are still on the progress, I'm so sorry for silly, unsatisfying mistakes that I've probably done *fingers crossed*
But today I went for a video shoot with my sister. Not really far, it was done at the streets near my residence. This project is my Observational Graphics assignment. Will show you the final result after it's done!
To be honest, I have been in the mood to write.... a poem, since months ago. And with my condition right now, I become more eager to do it. I don't know why. Yet I don't know what to write. Okay this one is pointless, just ignore me. Haha. I want to blab a lot right now but too tired to think about exquisite words to arrange. Just take a deep look on Plant Life lyrics above. Oh yeah by the way, Owl City a.k.a Adam Young's fourth album, The Midsummer Station, will be out this Tuesday, on August 21. And guess what... on that date I'll be back to my hometown and I'm not even sure if this little place has a music store!

Happy Eid, my Muslim readers! Have a happy Lebaran holiday, everyone!


Carlyn Girl said...

Hope you feel better soon! I hate being sick as well, as there's always stuff that you really need to do. I can't wait to see your assignment.

JAL. said...

hope you'll be better soon cc !
GoodLuck for your project !
And I hope you can buy The Midsummer Station :)

Jessica Xu said...

Thank you so much! Yes, such a big distraction :((

Jessica Xu said...

Thank you thank you thank you, Janiceee :D

Monica Olivia said...

I also had flu in a few days
I feel like sleeping all day long when I got medicine :(
get well soon cc :)

Prisilia Felicia said...

just arrived at your blog and I find it really nice!
hope you feel better soon :D have a great holiday! I'm your new follower :)

Jessica Xu said...

Whoa I hope you are better now! Thank you, Monicaa :D

Jessica Xu said...

Hey thank you so much! Really appreciate it ;D

Shinly Fransisca said...

wohoo, you're creative. umm, by the way, get well really soon darling (:

Jessica Xu said...

aw thank you so much ;)

elwiana monica said...

So much fun !! I love ur ilustration and ur blog of course ;)
I've read ur lil art project of yours and all that u've made are really cute <3

Jessica Xu said...

Aw thank you, Elwiana! ;D

henny said...

nice illustration

Jessica Xu said...


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