Oct 28, 2012

Your Offline Instagram Profile

Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for their easy-and-instant DIY Instagram Wall Decor tutorial, and for making me feel so productive after mine was done... although the result isn't tidy enough. I have a terrible craftmanship (huge bummer!) and horrible measuring skill. 

The process was kind of fun and frustrating because I had to print 108 Instagram photos to cover the whole surface. The original tutorial recommends 12x12 canvas so it'll perfectly fit with 9 pieces of 4x4 photos, but I decided to use one of my sister's leftover canvas, which is much bigger in size (43 x 53). And I always ended up becoming a person who keep bothering myself, so my mind told me to make a collage of tiny pieces and I chose 4.3 x 4.3 for the photo size.
And here comes the most unimportant part... my Instagram account had only 37 photos at that time. I could just Photoshop-ed the rest, but me, being silly, filtered 71 pictures with Instagram effects without posting it (I turned the Wi-Fi network off first... it's impossible to suddenly flood the timeline).

As you can see, there are two small empty spaces at the left and right side of the canvas, thanks to my horrible measuring skill. However, if you are a proud and active user of Instagram, you should give a try to make your own Instagram wall decor. To make it less time-consuming, you can follow the right instructions from A Beautiful Mess which requires a small canvas and photos in bigger size than I have. (Hey, if you have made your own, I'd really love to see it!)

Oct 24, 2012

It's the Beginning of October... And It's Gone

Sneak peek : I made something where these 4,3 x 4,3 cm Instagram prints were involved.

Mom's floral dress and floral tiles.


Another food sent from heaven : WH's Nasi Goreng Cakwe. So damn goooooood!

Last Monday was my dear friend Devi's 20th birthday! We threw a classic surprise at her house, this time without eggs or a bag of flour because everybody has classes to attend 9 hours later (except me). One more friend of mine has turned 20 and again, the sound of "Next year is your turn... next year is your turn..." attacks my mind again.

Oct 17, 2012

Bless This Bliss

Greatest bliss of the week : River Island watch that I ordered from Asos has arrived. I bought this because of reasons... yeah, Owl City. Right.

Snow White chocolate candy.

I have seen a LOT of mason jars in every home decor and crafting blogs that I stalk every day so I was so happy to finally see them. Bought these two (will buy more... soon after I move out to a bigger place, well, hopefully) but still have no idea what should I do with them.

Calories-hoarding at Bakerzin.

Did you guys watch the live streaming of Red Bull Stratos' Mission to the Edge of Space?? That was like one of the most epic thing I have ever witnessed in my life. The Austrian skydiver, Felix Baumgartner, managed to break the highest free fall world record after he went up to 128,100 feet with a helium-filled balloon (something like outer space hot air balloon..?), jumped from the edge of space and reached the Earth ground in approximately 9 minutes. More info here.

The view of where I stand while waiting for the bus.

Thia's Lotso keychain and Balenciaga.

Oct 12, 2012

Cat and Bird

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I'm not bored, just easily distracted! Recently working on massive, continuous artworks and will show them to you later. However it doesn't mean that I'm living in my hectic days again... I'm actually at the coziest point in my life, ever.  Insert happy face here.

Oct 9, 2012