Nov 29, 2012

The Tiny Book

Fell in love at the first sight with The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories when I saw it on hitRECord, an open-collaborative company, founded and directed by the awesome Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And thank heavens for Open Trolley Indonesia, this book is available to order on their website (although the stock is super limited and I have to wait for around 3 weeks for the restocking process) so I don't have to deal with PayPal, pricey shipping fee, etc etc.

The book is literally tiny. And the stories inside this tiny book are, uhm, literally tiny. I finished reading the entire content in 10 minutes (or less) right after the FedEx mailman came to my door. But no, it doesn't mean that The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories is useless or not worth to buy! Let's see...

These two tiny stories are my favorite. Each story is amusing and unique, and due to the super short lines, you are free to imagine the rest of the story, or even the beginning. In my opinion, this book will make a perfect gift. An anti-mainstream gift. Okay because this book is so so so cute, I took a lot of pictures....


Aubergine Garland's 2013 Calendar is here, available to order, and ready to sweetly stand on your desk!
Pre-order will be closed on December 12. View the full pages and more details here on Aubergine's blog and always feel free to contact me via e-mail, or reach me via text, Twitter, Instagram, anything... to order!

Nov 21, 2012

Uuuuu Cozy

Received two lovely shoes from Ditchy Mitchy and Shoecorner ! Major yaaaayness! (PS : The new Shoecorner logo was made by me.)

Gosh, socks. I'm actually not a socks person, I don't have beautiful legz so apparently wearing socks will just make my figure looks shorter and moreover, it will give me extra chore to wash every pair... haha what a life. But Marks and Spencer have the cutest collection of socks... the patterns are irresistible, ZOMFG-ly cute, so... yeah :/

Is it possible to go out with these kind of footwear pairing without being teased????? Anyway, speaking about socks instantly reminds me of Christmas. So people, for your very own early preparation of Christmas / New Year greetings, go check Aubergine Garland and always feel free to contact me to order these cards!

Nov 12, 2012

Adequate Contentment

Attended the wedding party of my sister's friend. Please do note that I was wearing a floral dress...not a leopard dress...

Wreck-it Ralph was ZOMFG, I gaped at the super mega ultra cuteness of Sugar Rush and I guess I have to watch it for five more times to spot all game characters in every scene. Not to mention that my husband Adam Young composed the end title song, When Can I See You Again? ...and here's the music video. He is adorable. AND OH I'M GOING TO SEE HIM THIS WEDNESDAY YAY YAY  YAY!!!!!!!

The talented Claudia made me this awesome illustration! Thank you so much! It took me weeks to start working on the artwork response because I had to do a lot of "stuffs"... sorry for waiting, dear!

Nov 3, 2012

"I'm easily distracted." - Alice Kingsleigh

First of all, let me announce to you that Aubergine Garland will be publishing the very first batch of Christmas and New Year Cards on November 16! I'm excited about this because I loooooove everything about Christmas (while the irony is, I'm not even a Christian) and making Christmas cards has been an annual activity since I was in junior high school. 
If you want to buy these cards before the release date, I'm here, ready and happy to serve you. Just send an e-mail to

I love to play with food and drink leftovers at restaurant. Some of my friends find this habit very disgusting, some of them always join me to put additional creations.

This has been my BIGGEST distraction for past three weeks. The Big Bang Theory is the only TV series that I'm willing to sacrifice my bed time for... well it's actually not a sacrifice, my sleeping schedule is a total mess now. I can't sleep before 3 AM and wake up at 11 AM or 1 PM. (For my Friday slumber, I closed my eyes today at 6 AM.) I have so many things to do and get seriously addicted to Sheldon's lunatic behavior at the same time... not good.

I want more and more and more and more and more and more and more pairs.

Lula > Teen Vogue. This is my first Lula magazine and I regret for not knowing this magazine earlier. And I'm so thrilled to find Kara Hayward, the girl who portrayed Suzy Bishop in Moonrise Kingdom that I've talked before, in 12 pages of photo shoot and interview. Beautiful coincidence.

I bought this because I like Chris Colfer but in my opinion, this book is... unreadable for grown up people.

Past distraction : I had to watch Moonrise Kingdom for five times, printed these and displayed the movie poster on my bedroom wall to satisfy myself.

New house for crafting stuffs and Aubergine's sample postcards. The "I Hope You Like This Artwork" paper sticker is spare, and I have planned to make more stickers to create... an artsy appearance for the box. Well, another distraction again.