Nov 12, 2012

Adequate Contentment

Attended the wedding party of my sister's friend. Please do note that I was wearing a floral dress...not a leopard dress...

Wreck-it Ralph was ZOMFG, I gaped at the super mega ultra cuteness of Sugar Rush and I guess I have to watch it for five more times to spot all game characters in every scene. Not to mention that my husband Adam Young composed the end title song, When Can I See You Again? ...and here's the music video. He is adorable. AND OH I'M GOING TO SEE HIM THIS WEDNESDAY YAY YAY  YAY!!!!!!!

The talented Claudia made me this awesome illustration! Thank you so much! It took me weeks to start working on the artwork response because I had to do a lot of "stuffs"... sorry for waiting, dear!


Evelyn Tirza said...

really cute blog <3

do you want to follow each other? glad if you want! :D

Sweet Peppermint Girl

Anonymous said...

cute glasses!!love it so much hihi<3 where did u get that?

Reinhardt Kenneth said...

the glasses are so cute, sounds like you had so much fun, the illustration of you is so cuteee<3<3<3

anyways, check out my latest photographic portfolio "Oriental Heartlines" on my blog

Jessica Xu said...

thank you! :)

Jessica Xu said...

Not mine hehe, they are photo booth properties ;)

Jessica Xu said...

Thank you, Reinhardt! <3

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