Nov 3, 2012

"I'm easily distracted." - Alice Kingsleigh

First of all, let me announce to you that Aubergine Garland will be publishing the very first batch of Christmas and New Year Cards on November 16! I'm excited about this because I loooooove everything about Christmas (while the irony is, I'm not even a Christian) and making Christmas cards has been an annual activity since I was in junior high school. 
If you want to buy these cards before the release date, I'm here, ready and happy to serve you. Just send an e-mail to

I love to play with food and drink leftovers at restaurant. Some of my friends find this habit very disgusting, some of them always join me to put additional creations.

This has been my BIGGEST distraction for past three weeks. The Big Bang Theory is the only TV series that I'm willing to sacrifice my bed time for... well it's actually not a sacrifice, my sleeping schedule is a total mess now. I can't sleep before 3 AM and wake up at 11 AM or 1 PM. (For my Friday slumber, I closed my eyes today at 6 AM.) I have so many things to do and get seriously addicted to Sheldon's lunatic behavior at the same time... not good.

I want more and more and more and more and more and more and more pairs.

Lula > Teen Vogue. This is my first Lula magazine and I regret for not knowing this magazine earlier. And I'm so thrilled to find Kara Hayward, the girl who portrayed Suzy Bishop in Moonrise Kingdom that I've talked before, in 12 pages of photo shoot and interview. Beautiful coincidence.

I bought this because I like Chris Colfer but in my opinion, this book is... unreadable for grown up people.

Past distraction : I had to watch Moonrise Kingdom for five times, printed these and displayed the movie poster on my bedroom wall to satisfy myself.

New house for crafting stuffs and Aubergine's sample postcards. The "I Hope You Like This Artwork" paper sticker is spare, and I have planned to make more stickers to create... an artsy appearance for the box. Well, another distraction again.


JAL. said...

Y U so artistic cici >.<
kreatif2 banget :D

Jessica Xu said...

masih jauuuh haha but thank you Janice dear!

Anonymous said...

cute shoes <3

Jessica Xu said...


Software Karaoke For Home and Business said...

Ikut menyimak artikelnya :-)


Anonymous said...

could you please post a tutorial again, kak? oh you're sooo artistic, you're greaat!! :"O

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

So cute! The polaroid frame is so creative! xx

Jessica Xu said...

aw :D okay wait for it! and thanks :)))

Jessica Xu said...

oh actually I just printed it out, thank you Ros :D


hahaha playing with the food, you are not alone lol

may you visit my blog, there is ongoing Giveaway if you interested ;)

Herdiana Surachman

Jessica Xu said...

hahaha yeah :P

Maria Widjaja said...

you're just so talented <33 lovin every fresh idea that pop up from your mind! anyway I got the fake flowers from a store that only sell fake flowers in my town, surabaya teehee;p

Jessica Xu said...

Thank you so much!! Aw Surabaya .__. thanks for answering!

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