Dec 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Personal seasonal greeting cards for my friends. Yeah that's me in my own cartoon version.

Grab a piece from Aubergine Garland's Christmas cards and sent it to Adam Young. Hahahahahaha. This one was inspired by a Christmas track that he composed two years ago, Peppermint Winter.

 Made this card for my Mom.

 Absurd "Christmas decoration".


ella said...

merry xmas! these cards look so lovely <3

Joshua Christian said...

45 new pairs of socks! <33333 ah it's been awhile since I left a comment on any blog post haha

Jessica Xu said...

Thank you, Merry Christmas to you too :)

Jessica Xu said...

What's December without Christmas Eve!?!? <3333 well thank you for landing here on my blog hehe

Reinhardt Kenneth said...

you are such a cute artist, these christmas crafts are just so cute<3
check out my latest post "WARRIOR//CHRISTmas Grinch"

Jessica Xu said...

thank you Reinhardt ;D

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