Dec 27, 2012

Sweet Treats

If you happen to bump into imported snack section at a supermarket, please grab this one.

Merely cutely packaged.

Favorite snack of childhood.

Pocky is still da winner! 

On 12/12/12, I revived my journaling days again. So glad to start again...

 Meretricious supplies to support the journaling activity.


Delia Salsabila said...

Cute sticker and tape xx

Vilda said...

cute stationery! btw what is usually inside a journal, ci? :)

Jessica Xu said...


Jessica Xu said...

Doodles and ramblings huehe, will show you on the next post! :o)

Fransisca Theodora said...

cool supplies!
where didcha buy it, if you're willing to share? xD

Jessica Xu said...

Scoop :)

Agnes Koriston said...

ohhh the burger snack is so cute!! hope they are in at the supermarket in my town! <3
and yeah pocky is still the best stick snack ever!! Lol

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