May 29, 2013

You're Gonna Love Open Trolley!

I've got so much love for The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, my favorite collaborative book project from Joseph Gordon-Levitt's hitRECord. I wrote a tiny review about the first volume last year (click here) and gratefully thanked for the presence of Open Trolley Indonesia that helped me to attain The Tiny Book. I didn't have to bother myself to go to bookstores in Jakarta or make an overseas order and spend senseless amount of money on its shipping fee.
I have just received the second volume of The Tiny Book today, thanks again to Open Trolley Indonesia! Tightly packaged and I'm so happy to have this adorable book in my hands.

Looking for imported books that are nowhere to be found always terribly disappoints me. That's why I was absolutely thrilled when I discovered Open Trolley Indonesia for the first time. I literally whispered "Where have you been all my life...?" because I was so happy to find the best solution to my book-hunting problems. You can wholeheartedly trust Open Trolley Indonesia because it's the biggest online bookstore in Indonesia and has completed thousands of order services in 25 big cities in this country last year!

- More than 2 million imported books
- Reliable and fast service : your order will arrive within 8-14 days
- Local messenger with tracking number, zero missing books guarantee!

I have to admit that every single book that I've been looking for is available on Open Trolley Indonesia. Isn't it superb? Finding the book of your dreams and browsing any kind of books without leaving your house or dealing with fussy service and taxes is now possible! Go visit Open Trolley Indonesia now!


Sarah Vernanda Anjani said...

I'm gonna buy it <3

nina nisrina said...

wah mau, bebas ongkir kah?

Dewi Wangsa said...

what a cute book! <3

visit mine in ur spare time hehe

Jessica Xu said...

@nina : nope hehe

Reinhardt Kenneth said...

omg so cute! your designs are just absolutely a dear to the heart and cute, jo must've been a lucky man!
"Make Love Not War" on

Jessica Xu said...

@Ken : hahahaha I'm blushing right here! ;D said...

i only found open trolley indo website last month. it's like to find a hidden treasure, wide range of books, prices in rupiah. then i made my first order that day and about a week later the delivery came in a neatly-wrapped package by RPX (similar as per your pix :p)..

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