Jun 23, 2013

Bright and Jolly

Some jolly things that chill my nerves down : Decorating letters for my new pen pals, a birthday gift from one of my pen pal; Maya, finding an old sketchbook with freaky doodles inside (I was obsessed with Chris Colfer), someone was interested in my artwork and she bought the framed print, Pancious' fat-hoarding waffle, small gift for boyfie to celebrate our first mensiversary (yeah I overdid it), perfect Audrey Hepburn postcard from him, some experimental greeting cards that I made, cute spiritous posters at my cousin's house, yummy treats, stickers from my childhood, mini postcards, quick doodles, shopping, and pretty flowers around the townhouse.

And the very sweet Amabel Emillavta from W21 Art made me this beautiful illustration! Thank you very much, dear! You should check her other works on her blog!

Anyway, my interview with Dskon.com is up! You can read it here.


nina nisrina said...

Happy birthday again kak jess :)

Anonymous said...

you should write a post about how to made those awesome envelopes T_T

ainu athifah said...

kak, yang mini photocards itu beli atau dapet dari seseorang kak? kalau beli, beli dimana? hehehe

Samuel Alexander said...

aduh kakak cutez banget sich

Delia Salsabila said...

All is great! I can found lotte's stickers there :p


Maya Floria Yasmin said...

cute as usual ;)

Jessica Xu said...

@nina: thanks ;D
@anon: whoa, will do, I guess :) but I didn't make them, I only put some decorations!
@ainu: di Scoop :)
@Sa: lebih cutez qaqaq koqz
@Delia: Lotte stickers FTW :3
@Maya: hey thanks hehe

ainu athifah said...

di Scoop itu dimana kak?.__.

Michelle Yeremi Saharsan said...

nice, would you like to follow each other,, jeesss?

<3 http://michelleyeremi.blogspot.com/

Jessica Xu said...

@ainu: itu toko di mal, banyak di Jakarta
@Michelle: followed :)

ainu athifah said...

oke kak, makasih :)

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