Jun 13, 2013

Random Shots #11

I'm three years late. Follow my blog with Bloglovin! :)


dinda belle said...

I love the 2nd pic, beautiful

Jessica Xu said...

I love the neon light as well :D

Delia Salsabila said...

Nice shoots x


WilliamCL said...

sometimes there are beautiful things around us that are unique and magically beautiful, salute to you for noticing it :D


Jessica Xu said...

Thank yooou! :D

Anonymous said...

Your post sucks. Mines better! ..lol. Just kidding.
Just getting into this blogging thing myself,
though I don't think anyone actually reads my posts. Does it come easier with time?

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Anonymous said...

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C. Belvin said...

nice nice cap!!


Anonymous said...

Where did you take that apple store photo? It's sooo cute...

Jessica Xu said...

@anon: oh it's not a store, it's an exhibition at my university :)

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