Jun 1, 2013

Shop and Whoop

Was bored and noticed that my room was bathed by the afternoon ray of sunlight, so a random thought to take pictures of some of my clothes popped up.

By the way, don't you love this awesome thing called discount? All of us obviously share this one particular human nature. And dear girls, it's inevitable to admit that some of us are ultimate shoppers. (I myself shop quite a lot *bittersmile*) That's why, it's important to get yourselves introduced to Dskon.com, the first online shopping portal in Indonesia.

Informations from so many online shops in Indonesia are compiled in Dskon.com's database, with so many categories provided : fashion, jewelries, electronic, culinary, home and garden, gadgets, health and beauty, travel, toys, baby equipments, entertainment and automotive.  So, whenever you need to look up for special deals or offers; simply go to this website and browse! You can find almost everything in one website only...easy and efficient! 

Another good thing is, each listed online shop is completed with reviews and details such as the shop's background, products, payment methods,  and delivery system. However, Dskon.com is not all about discounts only. You can check the blog as well, where you can read a lot of useful tips and tricks, informative articles and featured blogger interviews. 

Now after you know the new shopping benefits that you can possibly get, make sure to put Dskon.com on your bookmark list now!


Maya Floria Yasmin said...

Jes, baju2 mu keren abiss!

Delia Salsabila said...

Love your pink knit sweater <3

drey said...

did you buy them all in dskon.com? or not?

Jessica Xu said...

No. :D

Shabrina Hazimi said...

OMG, I'm drooling over those cute clothes of you! ><


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