Jul 23, 2013

Vintage Explosion

Whenever I have spent too much time with my laptop (resulting severe backache and burnt eyes), I went to my supplies box and decorated some plain pastel-colored envelopes with these vintage clip arts that I have printed out. This activity pleases me so much because I still can be productive during a break! If you are interested to buy the postcard set, you can check my business account on Instagram: @madebyweirdoinpink and view the full gallery.

Jul 22, 2013


Introducing Anyer beach:

 The truth:

Jul 15, 2013

So Long, Finn!

Cory Monteith has always been one of my biggest celebrity crushes and until this very moment, I'm still in shock and can't believe that he has gone for good. What an uber-loss, what a shame. I always think that he is super kind and humble, judging from the way he handled the interviewers, annoying paparazzis, fangirls, fanboys and his celebrity friends.....he always smiled to everybody. A friend of mine said that she had a trouble with sleeping because she hadn't faintest how Lea/Rachel's love life is going to be and I did the same thing (yeah no matter how silly it sounds to you). I bought that TeenVogue magazine straight away after the issue has been released just because he was on the cover and I put him inside my Starbucks tumbler along with my other idols. So you can say that I'm pretty obsessed with him :( Rest in peace, Cory dear. You'll be greatly missed!
(Memorial pictures above were taken from various users on Instagram.)

(Josh tried to cheer me up and drew this cute sketch of Cory :") It truly eases the pain.)

Jul 5, 2013

Matryoshka Madness (+ Freebies!)

I could visit this shop every day for the rest of my life! Both of my sister and I have been so in love with matryoshka dolls since we were kids, despite the fact that we have none. The devil truly lies in the majestic details of each doll, and it's always fun to put extra attention on the smallest figure. 

Aaaand I made matryoshka-themed desktop wallpapers yesterday. I think I'm going to draw more because drawing matryoshka dolls is an utter pleasantness.
Download them here : Pink matryoshka // Hazel matryoshka // Blue matryoshka