Jul 5, 2013

Matryoshka Madness (+ Freebies!)

I could visit this shop every day for the rest of my life! Both of my sister and I have been so in love with matryoshka dolls since we were kids, despite the fact that we have none. The devil truly lies in the majestic details of each doll, and it's always fun to put extra attention on the smallest figure. 

Aaaand I made matryoshka-themed desktop wallpapers yesterday. I think I'm going to draw more because drawing matryoshka dolls is an utter pleasantness.
Download them here : Pink matryoshka // Hazel matryoshka // Blue matryoshka


Shabrina Hazimi said...

Wow so cute !! <3 I love your photos and your drawing ;)


dinda belle said...

You're so good in art :))

Clara said...

I'm taking all of the wallpaper! Thanks a lot :)

Carlyn Brody said...

Those dolls use to my favourite toy as a child. I didn't have one but my grandmother had one at her house. I use to love to visit her so I could play with that toy.


Delia Salsabila said...

So brightful
Love the last illustrator :>


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