Dec 5, 2013


I left November with no single post! I didn't have much to say or photo stock to post due to my stressful (but thankfully, still bearable) days in university. However, the third semester is finally over, I'm pretty glad with my grades and I'm going to see my beau in less than a week!!!!

I gave my classmates mini holiday treats on the last day of school. I didn't have time to make better crafty stuffs or bake anything, so I just made express envelopes and put some cookies inside. By the way, the mini Santa Claus is myself.

One of my favorite bloggers, Aya Smith, turned 28 last week and I made her a small portrait of her beautiful family.

Paper craft project for Computer Graphic class. I got 'political leader' for the diorama theme and I was so bummed at first because it sounded so boring and serious (my teacher suggested Megawati and my friend suggested Hitler) but then I decided to look back to the past because things were much more decorative, pretty and fancy in the old times. So, this is me in Washington version.

This one is for Illustration class but I don't know the project's name. We had to create something that represents a traditional game. This 'something' had to be interactive and get its entire surface illustrated and colored. I chose Mexican Piñata because I could put as many details and colors as possible.

And this one is the final project for Illustration class: make an interactive story book. I chose Bawang Putih and Bawang Merah for the folklore and redesigned the character, costume and settings. I picked Victorian era theme so I had to change their names as well into Shallot and Garlic. The finishing is far from perfect but surprisingly (please allow me to brag a bit), I got a perfect score!

And one more......

My artworks are now available on Merrygorounds and you can buy them as gadget case!

Available for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Sony Experia and Samsung Galaxy. The quality is impeccable yet very affordable. Please visit my page by clicking this link:  and feel free to purchase as many as you want. More designs are coming!


yaHau said...

you and your artworks r still awesome as usual jessie ♥

Sarah said...

You're so sweet for giving your classmates presents! <3 I love your illustration style and color palettes. All of these projects are adorable but I especially like the paper Washington. :) Also, I sent you a letter a few weeks ago and am wondering if you've received it yet? I hope so! xoxo

Tasha said...

Oh my gosh that is so adorable!! I love that project you did. That must take a lot of time!

Mei めい said...

adorable! <3

JAL. said...

geez! cici, you really had a great creativity!

Danny Suyandi said...

so damn creative!
love all of your artwork <3 <3

Christy M said...

Cuteness overloaded!<3<3

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,,i'm Anita, i just found ur blog and it's stunning! Glad to know yours..
i like how you turn an ordinary thing become an extraordinary and creative one~
<3 love it so much..

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