Mar 19, 2014

Recent Sadness

It has been a month since I lost my dearest laptop for good, caused by my own stupidity for leaving it on ATM machine right after I finished a short transaction. Long story short, the very last sight of my laptop that I only could remember was when I put it on the machine. I really didn't remember if I took it again with me when I was done or not. And neither did my friends who waited outside. I didn't go anywhere else, went home with my friend after that, and I realized that I didn't have my laptop in my hands when I reached my flat door; it was around 10 minutes after I left the ATM centre. I jumped to my friend's car straight away and headed back there....but it's already gone. The most horrible part was definitely when I had to make a phone call with my mother (with my father yelling behind her) while the tiring and reluctant part was a series of obligatory actions in order to 'save' a missing valuable property: went to the police office (I'm still terribly insulted by such freaking useless people. The brigadier didn't even know how to spell 'apple'), involved bank, security department and building management office. Later, I was granted an access to see the recording from the security camera that placed across the ATM centre (oh, I didn't manage to get an access to the ATM's security camera, too much fuss from the bank's privacy system) and here comes the weird thing: it was seen that I still held my laptop in my hands after I left the ATM centre. The footage was a bit unclear and blurry but I could see it by myself that my hand was holding it for real. My head was blasted with gazillion question marks. How come????????????????
However,  I have done moaning and crying over the great loss. I'm still pretty sad tho, because my laptop was my everything, LOL. I lost a great amount of files along with it but most of them were inspirational pictures that I gathered from Internet, so it doesn't really matter. I (thank God and Heavens) have made a backup of my artwork and saved it to my external hard disk, except for sticker images and fairy tale illustrations for a work that Josh and I were working on. I'm now working with my sister's previous MacBook (which is ancient, but its excellent performance pleases me so I have nothing to be complained about).
Okay, so... I'm sorry for the lack of posts... I'm having a massive cramp right now and can't think clearly, but thank you so much for reading! See you soon on my next serious post.


Carlyn Brody said...

That's so unfortunate that you lost your laptop. I really hope you get it back or your able to get a new laptop in good time. I have lost lots of valuable things too and it's always annoying and a little sad that it's gone.

drey said...

i'm really sorry to hear that ci jess :( wish all the good things will come surround you after this. and the video about you still held that laptop in hands when you left the ATM machine is reaally weird :/

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