Feb 6, 2015


Happy 2015. Or Happy February 2015. I'm going to mumble again here, and actually I have just realized that I kept forgetting the real purpose of blogging all this time. To blog is to…well, mumble. Words words words. Well yeah actually the purpose itself depends on the blogger…never mind. But I'm so gonna post a big load of photos and pictures that I have neglected for a very long time in my folder. And I have a long list of "WHAT SHOULD I POST IN THE BLOG" in my phone. Anyway, the main factor of my inactivity is probably my Wi-Fi-less apartment. I moved from my old beloved flat on July 2014 and no longer enjoy sleepless nights with the Internet ever since. To get things worse, the mobile service at my apartment is incredibly horrible. Oh and…what's going on with my life right now is pretty mundane, except the Philosophy of Art class that I'm currently attending this semester. The lecturer is amazing, competent and brilliant and she makes me want to study art history even further! And I can yap about Marie Antoinette and Renaissance painting techniques without giving any damn because I know none of my classmates (they are my juniors). And because I can't discuss anything about art history with anyone around me, regressing mental is likely. And to prevent so, I should spill everything to this blog. This blog is supposed to have more posts this year. I'm taking a big advantage of my office's Wi-Fi connection (I'm an intern right now until March). See you very soon.


Rini Hastuti said...

keep blogging Jessica :)))

Michelle Yeremi Saharsan said...

Great view! Lovely! Waiting for your new post. Keep blogging :)


Dewi Aja said...

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darfin arifin said...

i like it your photos jessica :)

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