Sep 1, 2015

Sketched Strangers #4

It is always much more fun to draw ladies...


Ronalene Soluta said...

Hi. What software did you use? Your works looks great! :)

Jane Reggievia said...

I'm truly love this series! Some people write about strangers and for some people like you draw about strangers! I love the girl with nice braid and her shoes! <3


Christy M said...

Your drawing is so cuteee!<3
The cool sisters are so cute :D


Sarah said...

These are so sweet! I adore your illustrations. :) I'm getting a letter ready to send you, but do you have any tips for mailing to Indonesia so it doesn't get lost again? xo

Laura said...

Ooh, I always see people who look so amazing, I wish
I could draw, then I could make such cute drawings as you did here.
Your blog is amazing, I really, really like it. :)

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