Oct 2, 2015

Giveaway! Weirdoinpink x OHMYBOWS

Ladies! Fancy some beautiful hair bows?
I'm currently hosting my very first giveaway on Instagram; a collaboration with OHMYBOWS from US. Check their webstore and Instagram to please yourself with so many handmade, delightful hair bows to enhance your inner princess and kawaii-ness!
Anyway, the brilliant news is that you have a chance to win 3 hair bows with your own choice, simply by entering the giveaway on Instagram! I have posted the rules on my account there (@weirdoinpink), so do check it out! I luckily received 6 hair bows, kindly sent by the sweet co-owner, Jeanette:

Aren't they super beautiful? I'm totally smitten! My favorite is the Sushi-patterned one ;)


Christy M said...

Cute hairbows!<3<3
My fav is the apple-patterned~~


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