May 23, 2016


Throughout the years, I secretly had this dream to create an imaginary girl, plan an ideal surrounding for her (complete with detailed city map, apartment's floor plan and family history) and publish stories about her daily activities. Yep, something like Fifi Lapin...I worship the furry fashionista so hard. I love constructing characters and stories, but I suck at writing. I used to make a pile of hand-drawn comic books when I was little, but they are actually a compilation of unfinished crappy stories. My sister always complained every time I told her I got bored with the plot or I made mistake with the protagonist's hairdo, so I had to start over again.
Yet I never got anywhere with the project, until last year. I made two alternatives of the girl's looks, decided to go with the ganache-colored short hair one, and drew several pieces as a test. Apparently, I still didn't feel comfortable with this kind of drawing style and I thought it wouldn't work with this long-term plan. So, I killed the project.


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