Jun 29, 2016

What I Watched: March - May 2016

I tried to watch as many films and episodes of my favorite TV series as possible for during my hermit days. Above is the list of what I have watched; varies from my attempt to catch up on Sofia Coppola, something I remember from a cinephile magazine ten years ago, adaptation of Murakami, to Grace Kelly's movies (ok I make myself sound like a snob hipster). If you can read my smudged note to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.....yes, that happened for real.
I couldn't be happier to declare that my hermit days are over, but I still want to make this random movie marathon thing as an obligatory. I hope I can make it, because I will be starting to work for real next month. Been begging to the universe for a decent internet connection at my new place so I can download as many torrents as possible and humanly working hours at the office... (Speaking of office, I'm currently following The Office and man, visualising your life as a deadpan mockumentary really helps you to cope with a mundane life. Does anyone here watch The Office?)


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