Dec 22, 2015

Some Tiny Stories

Last month Josh got a new job in Karawaci, which means....we are now no longer geographically separated (yay yay yay)! So, on a sunny day we went place-hunting for him and after miles of walking, we ended up taking a bus to the housing complex where my old flat is located. We met this golden guy alone and played with him. He seemed so lonely.

Attended my friend's sister's wedding and stole a lot of flowers, yet it's still not enough! Met the bride herself a few days later and even she said that I should have taken as many flowers as possible :( (By the way, the hydrangea was already on its bad condition after a week.)

Casually walked to the supermarket to grab some groceries and stumbled upon these 1990s books. I internally screamed as I flipped every page and struggled with myself... To buy or not to buy, that's the question?!?! The sad thing was, they were pretty expensive so I purchased only one. This beaut is Heather Buchanan's Tales of George and Matilda Mouse, a story about the newly-wed mouse couple on their journey of seeking a new home. They eventually found one and it was an abandoned dollhouse. It couldn't get any cuter.

Nov 30, 2015

Thoughts On Instagram

I hope every single of you who are reading this are doing fine. It has been a month since my last post and I'm not doing so good right now. What bugs my mind the most is thinking of what should I do with the future of my Instagram feed; should I post more artworks, or post random daily photos and not to think too much of the audience, or be more serious and concerned with what the 'market' wants, or just stop posting and make a fresh start with a new account?? I have been quite unhappy with the development of my feed, because I feel that people are starting to be no longer engaged in my posts and I don't know if it's my fault or not. Maybe I publish too many promotional posts and people were not liking it. Or my random daily pictures are getting boring. Or my (lately) frequent selcas are really annoying. Or something else. Another bothering factor is how the amount of my followers looks quite impressive, yet it is not reflected on the intensity in my posts. I'm happy Instagram featured me in their Suggested Users list twice but I keep wondering why it didn't do me any good. 
Nevertheless, I like the idea of not giving too much damn about it because actually it feels stupid to guess the answer of such a profound and intangible thing and I should just concentrate on real things in real life instead. As a further matter, I love sharing daily pictures of my life. I always fall in love with pretty documentations and that is what makes me love Instagram in the first place. I love to see beautifully arranged massive brunch, collection of novelty brooches, witty picture books, pretty girls with their messy hair, whimsical wardrobe, sights of places that I'll never visit....I have discovered so many amazing and interesting people who inspire me so much and keep going on without 'following the stream'.
But one does not simply stop feeling bad and easily move on :(
Anyway, if you are a follower of my Instagram, I would love to hear your insights. What would you like to see more from me? Are you okay with random photos, beauty shots, or are you actually looking forward to more artworks? Please feel free to share your thoughts :)

Pictures were taken during my trip to Josh's hometown: Scarf and honey for the 'in-laws' / Dinner at 1903 / The famous Zangradi / The disappointing and overpriced bakwan jagung / Lava cake / Frequent visitor at Josh's house / Faux window / Cute corner / Popped into Kate Spade just to take pictures

Oct 17, 2015

Happy Things #2: Audrey at Home

When I heard there'd be another biography book of Audrey Hepburn, I rushed to my favorite online bookstore, searched for the title and ordered one. I was overjoyed; this new book looks perfect! It's a biography kitchen table book (how adorable does it sound?), includes more unpublished family photos, original handwritten recipes from Audrey herself and it's written by the second son, Luca Dotti (I think young Luca is the most handsome kid ever). I had to purchase it, not just because for the sake of my collection but also to support the hazy research for my Final Project.
I love Audrey at Home so much. I also treasure Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit (which was written by the first son, Sean Ferrer) but Sean shared numerous sad events all the way through the book and I literally ended up reading in tears. I love the warm vibes that Audrey at Home presents, although Luca mentioned a bit of unhappy moments as well. It's also quite fascinating to see more pictures of Audrey in her 40s and 50s because I have seen far too many Audrey in her 20s...not because it's a bad thing, of course not duh, but looking at the middle-aged version of my idol at her home is such a refreshment.
Anyway, the highlight is what happened after I posted a picture of Audrey at Home on Instagram and tagged Luca on it. He commented with three smiley faces and liked the photo, which is more than enough for me. But seven hours later, I checked my notification and apparently Luca came back to my feed, browsed through and liked some of my old photos! And he started following me too!!! I'm still shivering with joy: Audrey Hepburn's son is following me on Instagram! 

Haha I easily get overexcited about this kind of thing... when Benedict Cumberbatch's ex-girlfriend accepted my request to follow her on Twitter, I was so happy like a fool too.