Mar 21, 2016

Sketched Strangers #5

My favorites this time would be the pretty blonde lady and the Korean boy, who live in the same apartment with me. The lady always wears eye-catching outfit every time I run into her yet I could only remember this one (perhaps because it's pink-themed). I saw the little boy at the swimming pool and couldn't take my eyes off his inflatable beach ball! It's translucent, sparkly and got a cute toy porpoise inside; the drawing really doesn't do it any justice.

Mar 10, 2016

Lost & Found Shoppe x Vanilla x Weirdoinpink ;)

The joy of collaborating with two of your favorite shops at the same time! The artwork above was commissioned by Lost & Found Shoppe and Vanilla Shoes for their flagship store opening a few weeks ago. Lost & Found is a curated boutique where you can shop locally-made products and vintage findings while Vanilla Shoes, provides the most stylish (and comfy!) footwear. The project itself was kind of rushed but I had fun working on it.

Vanilla's beautiful collection. Vintage-inspired, ethnic, casual, and quirky got them all.

These savory Eighteen Pies were heavenly. One of the best treats ever.

The lovely Anggono sisters who founded and managed Lost & Found and Vanilla Shoes. If you are coming to Pantai Indah Kapuk, be aware of this cute tosca-painted facade and do stop by! 

Dec 22, 2015

Some Tiny Stories

Last month Josh got a new job in Karawaci, which means....we are now no longer geographically separated (yay yay yay)! So, on a sunny day we went place-hunting for him and after miles of walking, we ended up taking a bus to the housing complex where my old flat is located. We met this golden guy alone and played with him. He seemed so lonely.

Attended my friend's sister's wedding and stole a lot of flowers, yet it's still not enough! Met the bride herself a few days later and even she said that I should have taken as many flowers as possible :( (By the way, the hydrangea was already on its bad condition after a week.)

Casually walked to the supermarket to grab some groceries and stumbled upon these 1990s books. I internally screamed as I flipped every page and struggled with myself... To buy or not to buy, that's the question?!?! The sad thing was, they were pretty expensive so I purchased only one. This beaut is Heather Buchanan's Tales of George and Matilda Mouse, a story about the newly-wed mouse couple on their journey of seeking a new home. They eventually found one and it was an abandoned dollhouse. It couldn't get any cuter.