Sep 21, 2014

Shop at Favechic!

I received this extremely darling dress from in June, and I have just managed to publish this post three months later! My lack of confidence to pose for an outfit shoot and my sister's unavailability to take my photos were the main problems but I'm not here to sob about it... let's talk about, the website I should thank for giving me this beautiful bird-patterned mint dress! is a new fashion e-commerce which was previously developed in Malaysia and Singapore. It curates fashion from regional marketplaces in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan to provide convenience to customers in South East Asia, including Indonesia. This means, provides not only cute, stylish and wide-ranged fashion stuffs but also very affordable and come with high quality. Sounds perfect, right? To add your excitement, has a mobile app as well! You can download it for free in App Store and Google Play.

The experience of browsing with Favechic app is a pleasure and I'm sure you'll feel the same. Just like Pinterest, users can browse fashion, share and follow other users. You can view each item with detailed information, price tag, size and measurements, also with clear photos. You can easily make a purchase directly with this app as well.

And here is a set of my personal favorite picks from I adore so many items, especially the Peter Pan-collared dresses, patterned dresses and vintage-inspired loafers. My wish list is sooo going to get longer if I browse further...but I can't handle it anymore, with too many cute items that I find on!

Aug 23, 2014

His Twenty Second

I gave Josh this heart-made fairytale as birthday present along with Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns comic as he requested. The progress was a pure joy; it turns out that I enjoy hand drawing more than digital drawing. I still have to do a ton of practices with color picking and pen strokes though.

Jul 5, 2014

Sketched Strangers #2

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Two months of total blog abandonment!!! I'm congratulating myself. This blog missed a lot of things: my 21st birthday, farewell with my flat and hello to my new apartment, things I recently made, things I recently purchased, my depression, stuffs etc…. but actually it has been pretty mundane as always. So, abandonment is not a bad thing. You're not here to read my whine over and over again though.
However, here's the second batch of Sketched Strangers. Finishing them felt like working on paperworks because I can't conveniently draw and color each person straight after I caught them with my eye.