Jul 5, 2014

Sketched Strangers #2

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Two months of total blog abandonment!!! I'm congratulating myself. This blog missed a lot of things: my 21st birthday, farewell with my flat and hello to my new apartment, things I recently made, things I recently purchased, my depression, stuffs etc…. but actually it has been pretty mundane as always. So, abandonment is not a bad thing. You're not here to read my whine over and over again though.
However, here's the second batch of Sketched Strangers. Finishing them felt like working on paperworks because I can't conveniently draw and color each person straight after I caught them with my eye.

Apr 26, 2014

A Month Later...

Yet another obligatory post so this month won't be left alone with zero post. I'm counting hours to my first day of fifth semester, counting days to my birthday (which I'm not pleased about, because next year is Taylor Swift's turn to continuously sing in my head), and counting weeks to moving-out day from my old flat. And I'm constantly disappointed with myself for not completing tasks that I think I should have done ages, ages, ages ago... Okay I'm going to cut the fuss, and here is a list of songs that I enjoy so much and you might like.

Mar 20, 2014