May 14, 2011

The Awarding Ceremony

Just received my prize and certificate from CESI's 2011 High School Blog Competition. Thanks to my Mom's excessive anxiety (she was afraid of Jakarta's awful traffic jam), I arrived with my sister 2 hours before the Awarding Ceremony. To kill the time, we wandered around the ANZ Square.

We went to Grand Indonesia afterwards.

Lucky enough to see the musical fountain...

A creepy experience at GI : I was walking with my sister at the Entertainment District when this nerd-looking tall Chinese guy approached us and suddenly asked, "It's a stocking, isn't it?" (pointed to my hose I was wearing) ...I answered, "Yes..?" and then he asked if he could touch the stocking. I gave him my knee (yesss that was extremely reckless) but he said I could take off my shoes. I did it. (Could I be more idiot?) He bent and looked so interested in my stocking.
He murmured to himself for a few minutes and after he's done with the observation (I think he could eat my toes at that moment), he asked why do I wear that stocking. I said, because I wore a mini skirt so I need something to cover my legs. (That's the truth...)
Me and my sister bursted into a guffaw after the freaky guy left. Seriously strange, but I think there's nothing to be worried about. Lol, what a day.


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