May 10, 2011

CESI's 2011 High School Blog Competition : Third Winner!

About two months ago, I made my submission to CESI (Canada Education Services International) due to join its High School Blog Competition. Participants are required to post two entries about Canada. In each entry, participant must write an article (for minimal 1000 words...that's the tiring part) and allowed to make another combination such as pictures, etc etc.
Because I suck at writing formal essays, I made the first entry (I chose tourism in Canada) as a daily I could put some cute scrapbook-themed pictures to make the post less boring to read.
You may check my submission on my Tumblr here here here : :)
And the official announcement here.

(By the way, if you have found something peculiar with my name.... yes, it's my real birth name. "Xu" is my family name, but not written in my birth ceritificate. I friggin hate my last name.)


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