Jun 30, 2011

New Domicile

I'm no longer a High School student and my university life starts this August, so I have been busy because I have just moved to a new house!

The postponed 18th birthday gift from my sister. Third Sylvanian! Scratched the price tag and we found out that the price was for only IDR 69.900... now it's IDR 89.900.

Abandoned lot? Saw it with a beautiful golden sun ray, damn... perfect for a vintage photo session. The question is, how do you get there?

Unusual poodle plush.

Pink polkadot pajamas for IDR 218.000..... no, thanks.

Love this view I'm gonna look at every evening. My new place is a flat.
Uncountable junks I have kept of, yet I should get rid of... and "dibuang sayang" thoughts.


Noni Nandini said...

Suka Salad days yah?.....kangen baca komik itu lagi....

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