May 31, 2012

Pink-Framed Wonderland

A very late birthday present for Josephine. This digital painting is very childlike, but the message that I want to deliver to her is, growing up doesn't mean it's not okay to have your childish dream floats in your own Wonderland. As Ursula K. Le Guin said : "The creative adult is the child who survived."

PS : In the beginning of this July, I'm going to work on an art commission, which means you can buy my artwork prints and request custom made artworks! Stay tuned :)


eudora said...

i love your blog! what a cute blog.

i've been followed you, mind to follow me back?


Joy said...

I really love your blog and your illustrations! I'm still looking for somebody who can make an illustration of for my blogheader.
I was wondering if you could do that? Or I would lie to know how you work...
Let me know!

With love,


Jessica Xu said...

thank you for your compliment! :D

Jessica Xu said...

Hello Joy! I've dropped my reply in your Facebook fanpage.
Thank you so much for visiting my blog :D

Mitha Komala said...

aww it's a very lovely and meaningful drawing. joceline must be very happy to receive it from you :D xx

Letters To Juliet

Jessica Xu said...

It's Josephine actually, hehe! Thanks anyway :D

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