Jun 23, 2013

Bright and Jolly

Some jolly things that chill my nerves down : Decorating letters for my new pen pals, a birthday gift from one of my pen pal; Maya, finding an old sketchbook with freaky doodles inside (I was obsessed with Chris Colfer), someone was interested in my artwork and she bought the framed print, Pancious' fat-hoarding waffle, small gift for boyfie to celebrate our first mensiversary (yeah I overdid it), perfect Audrey Hepburn postcard from him, some experimental greeting cards that I made, cute spiritous posters at my cousin's house, yummy treats, stickers from my childhood, mini postcards, quick doodles, shopping, and pretty flowers around the townhouse.

And the very sweet Amabel Emillavta from W21 Art made me this beautiful illustration! Thank you very much, dear! You should check her other works on her blog!

Anyway, my interview with Dskon.com is up! You can read it here.

Jun 13, 2013

Jun 7, 2013


Throwback Friday, or I must say, please throw me back to those days!! Josh and I visited this nearly unpeopled beach in Ujung Genteng two days after my birthday last May. I'm not really sure about the name of the beach itself, but it is unusual in a beautiful way.

The waves doesn't approach the shore directly because its swash zone and beach face are separated by... something like a large-sized seaweed land. This slippery seaweed land is a huge habitat for tiny fishes, starfishes and sea slugs; and quite shallow in depth, so it felt like we were walking on a mini aquarium. And both of us forgot our sandals, so yeah. 

It was really hard to make a normal smiley face because the sunlight was way too piercing, haha! My favorite part was watching some glimmering effect on my feet when I immersed them in the water. The clearwater reflected the sunlight and it created a movement of little shiny stars, like a disco ball. 

The view of sparkly ocean and bright blue sky with nobody around but your dearest one, was so precious. Still feels like a one fine dream.

Jun 1, 2013

Shop and Whoop

Was bored and noticed that my room was bathed by the afternoon ray of sunlight, so a random thought to take pictures of some of my clothes popped up.

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