Aug 31, 2013

Transparent Case #1

A few weeks ago I got myself a jelly transparent case for my phone. I don't want to spend a lot of money for case collection (because it's redundant), and this one is my third case because the previous two were...awful. If you're thinking to use jelly colored case for a long-term usage, don't bother, because the color will fade away and turn yellowish; making it looks very unhygienic. 

The first idea that came to my mind was this: the box where I keep my vintage clip arts.

And then I sorted them...

I put them in a random order...

Carefully put the phone into the case...

Aaaand that's it. This was my first try and I know the result didn't look very tidy, but I can change the decoration every time I want to. Fancy-looking cases are tempting, but I think I'll never get bored with this jelly transparent case because I can use it as my creative outlet.

Aug 23, 2013

His Twenty First

Josh was turning 21 last week! Because he lives so far away from my place and I was unable to give him a visit, the birthday package had to be sent via postal service and the 'birthday surprise' was done on internet. I sent him a riddle to solve in order to reveal the password for a private Tumblr that I made for him. The content is a short illustrated story and a silly video (featuring me as a singer with an awful voice). I also contacted a local cakery in his city to deliver a birthday cake to his house. Glad to know that he was so happy with all of those.

Aug 1, 2013

Kitschy Mail

It's tacky. It's childish. It's too pinky. It's messy. But at least it was made with love! (Please don't puke.)
I posted it to my boyfriend along with a box of Colette and Lola's chocolate shortbread. I don't know about the booklet, but he liked the treat, haha.