Jan 30, 2014

Sketched Strangers #1

I have been wanting to do this for a VERY, very, very long time and finally managed to post one!! 
Every time I caught people in interesting outfits, manners or doing anything whimsical, I took my phone straight away and typed descriptive notes about each person because unfortunately I don't have photographic memory aaand I know it sounds creepy but yeah. Actually I have been observing and taking notes for two years or so, but those notes ended up missing or deleted by accident. The strangers above came from the newest list that I have made recently.

Jan 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Despite my lame writing ability and weak grammatical error detector (which have been getting lamer and weaker day by day), I'm writing this cheesy obligatory post about what I had experienced back then in 2013 and my hopes for 2014. Don't bother to keep reading...
I started 2013 with a deep woe, for I had to go back to university and blend with new people in Graphic Design major (if you are a loyal reader, you know that I used to major in Interior Design and failed miserably). The fact that I had no one to hang out with for the whole semester stressed me. But I knew that later, I'd get myself some new good friends because I always went through this kind of social cycle whenever I'm adapting. The good news was that my new lessons were FAR more bearable than my old ones and the lecturers were nicer as well. And then, one awesome human-being came to my life two days before Valentine's Day, when I met Josh for the first time. He was the one who gave me highlight of the year, for coming back to town on my birthday in May and taking me out for a beach vacation...and for giving me other lovely memories. Things were getting better afterwards. New semester starts and finally, for real, I met new friends. University sucks less as they revived my laughters and chatters every day.
The thing is, I was pretty exhausted throughout the year, but quite in a good way. I always had to deal with school assignments plus illustration jobs 24/7 and skipped almost every friends' night out, but I didn't mind. I can't say that my amateur career as illustrator was a nice one (although it really does support me financially big time) because truthfully my drawing skill is still pretty disappointing. Nevertheless, people were very kind to me. I hope this is not a dreadful thing to say, but as I'm more active on Instagram now, my motivation to be more productive and improving is friends and followers whom I have there. I also gained so many drawing and lifestyle inspirations from various brilliant people on Instagram and that's why I spent so much time using that app. I noticed some bloggers with the same opinion as mine, and I'm pretty relieved about it.
I avoid New Year's resolutions and will not write any single list for self-improvements simply because it's useless as hell...I wrote a ton of to-do-lists and always ended up doing none. So, I'll just have hopes planted in my mind. It might sound lazy and pointless, but in my case, this works more rather than burdening myself with tasks. Won't elaborate all of my hopes here, but skill improvements, lifestyle improvements, body fat loss and savings are my main concerns. Don't judge me.

I wish you a great year ahead!