Mar 20, 2014

Random Shots #13


Gabrielle Atmajaya said...

jesssss i love how you capture ordinary things so beautifully!
itu indian martabak keanya enak deehhhhh :9

winda octavia said...

wow.. pretty blog!!!!
i love how you captured everything here =D
be friend?

C. Belvin said...

loveee all the cute pic <3


Lottie Bel said...

I feel like this post is just a mix of the cutest and sweetest things.
ps: i love that pink mug ♥
Much love, Lottie xx
Hi, Lotts!

stevia indrawan said...

haduh itu si Tempe eksis amat ya.. haha
love the chair and the cool vespa!


Ice Pandora said...

What a cute mix of sweet things you have
here gathered ^___^ Xx

MITCH said...

the "you're old" candle is so cuteee <3 where did you get them if I may know?


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