Dec 20, 2014


2014 is coming to the end and two of my biggest happinesses came at the edge of this year: a set of token of gratitude from Instagram, the social media platform which recently beat Twitter for collecting more than 300 million users. As I try to not abandon this blog (big failure, so far...), the book and the calendar motivate me to produce more and more beautiful photos, but I have come to a conclusion that I should produce more and more artworks to sharpen my skill instead of taking pictures of my dinner from above (it is not a sin as long as the meal is good-looking so I will keep doing it). So the final conclusion is that I'm going to snap whatever I'm working on; hand drawings, WIPs, sneak peek from my digital drawing, printed drawings, etc. In the beautiful way.
I hope you are not submerged in a Life of Stagnancy like me!


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