Mar 21, 2016

Sketched Strangers #5

My favorites this time would be the pretty blonde lady and the Korean boy, who live in the same apartment with me. The lady always wears eye-catching outfit every time I run into her yet I could only remember this one (perhaps because it's pink-themed). I saw the little boy at the swimming pool and couldn't take my eyes off his inflatable beach ball! It's translucent, sparkly and got a cute toy porpoise inside; the drawing really doesn't do it any justice.


Filicia said...

Cute drawing as always jess.
Glad that you update again :D

filicia | Candy After Dinner

Jessica Xu said...

@Filicia: thank you, Filicia! 😚 😚

Heryani Syafitri said...

always love your sketched strangers
the little boy is sooo cute :D

Dewi Aja said...

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Jessica Xu said...

@Heryani: thank you! Glad you enjoy the series :D

KIM said...

Hello! I just found your amazing blog! I recently started to draw more often, and was wondering if you had any quick tips! AND AND AND How long did it take you to finish this sketch?! It's beautiful!

Jessica Xu said...

@Kim: hi dear, thank you for your kind words! This one took around 45 minutes to finish :)

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