Jun 29, 2016

What I Watched: March - May 2016

I tried to watch as many films and episodes of my favorite TV series as possible for during my hermit days. Above is the list of what I have watched; varies from my attempt to catch up on Sofia Coppola, something I remember from a cinephile magazine ten years ago, adaptation of Murakami, to Grace Kelly's movies (ok I make myself sound like a snob hipster). If you can read my smudged note to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.....yes, that happened for real.
I couldn't be happier to declare that my hermit days are over, but I still want to make this random movie marathon thing as an obligatory. I hope I can make it, because I will be starting to work for real next month. Been begging to the universe for a decent internet connection at my new place so I can download as many torrents as possible and humanly working hours at the office... (Speaking of office, I'm currently following The Office and man, visualising your life as a deadpan mockumentary really helps you to cope with a mundane life. Does anyone here watch The Office?)

Jun 26, 2016

Freebies! Hand-drawn Desktop Wallpaper

FYI: The most visited post on my blog is the Cupcake Desktop Wallpaper; this freebie set is 4 years old and it still gets hits almost every day. I wonder why...
Anyway, I made some random doodles with colored pencils a few weeks ago. It was the first time since...I don't know, forever. I haven't gotten my hands on Photoshop for drawing-related activities in months (let alone colored pencils...they were literally covered in cobweb when I found them). Feel free to download, and please use them for personal purposes only. Enjoy :)

Download here:

Jun 13, 2016

Favorite Bits of Snail Mail

Some of you might know that "snail mail" was a fad back then in 2014 among girls on Instagram. I was a part of it and greedily agreed to be pen pals with around fifteen girls right away, because I was way too excited... Later, I learned that it'd be better to keep in touch only with those whom I'm genuinely interested in.

The first mail I received from the lovely Sarah. Supposed to be the second one, but the real first letter she sent to me was gone with the wind (could be literally, because I had no mailbox back then and the postman always irresponsibly left every incoming mail on the stairway instead). Anyway, you ladies really should give her blog a visit because she has the cutest collection of trinkets, clothes and paper treats!<3 p="">

Favorite items from my good friend Céline, who also happens to be one of the first stranger I followed on Instagram. Met her last December and she turned out to be much lovelier in person! She is one of the best when it comes to hand-picking paper treats ;)

Letters from Madhura are also my favorite. The fact that she is much younger than me and already aced calligraphy, painting with various mediums, paper-cutting and origami-making is.....burdening me, haha! Do check her Instagram feed :)

This set is not a part of my snail mail activity, since they were sent by the most generous Kak Fitri from Secret Staircase along with my purchase. Couldn't be more pleased to buy used books from her store because the prices are reasonable, always thoroughly packaged and...she is simply the sweetest store owner ever. How I hate the fact that I can't allow myself to splurge on books for a really long time :(

Mini prints and postcards that I sent to Kate. I have been admiring her since forever (apart from her uber cool candy-colored hair and drool-worthy outfits, she is also one talented artist and got a really good sense of humour) and dedicated one drawing to her in 2014. The timing was a bit funny though, because right after I posted and tagged her on the drawing, she decided to take a long break from Instagram due to personal reasons. Everybody was heartbroken, me included... but Kate was back around a year later and she reposted my drawing on her Instagram! She also e-mailed me and kindly asked if she could buy it as a print. I didn't allow her to pay anything for it, so I mailed the drawing as a gift (along with additional drawings in my new style because a year has passed...)

(Photo by Kate and Céline)