Apr 15, 2011

14th of April

"Celebrating" our last day in Senior High School. No more hectic lessons, we were busy with shutterbugs everywhere, capturing our very last precious memories. The 10 and 11 graders also performed a short drama for a motivation. Thank you, juniors!

Devi and I have already made a plan to make something to motivate all of our friends for the upcoming National Exam. So straight after the school ended, we went to SMS, dropped by Wendy's for a while, preparing the properties...

After we were done for the preparation, we wandered around to search a good and bright spot, where we could take a fine shot of the sky. Parks at Downtown Walk were impossible because the trees were everywhere. Until...
...we saw a stairway to the rooftop. We were afraid if it was a restricted area, but the show must go on!
We both were thrilled to see this place! The rooftop was sooooo large that I could put my house entirely there. See my knee? After we were blown by the massive wind, struggling and kept laughing, we went downstairs and back to Wendy's.


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