May 7, 2011


Hola, guys. Back from Bali, back to.... drowsy ordinary days in my second hometown. I'm gonna post the holiday pictures soon, and let me keep some of birthday wishes I received via Twitter here (my birthday was on 4th of May)

@yemimahNG: Happy 18th birthday, super-pinky-girl @weirdoinpink . Wish you all the best. Traktir ya mumpung di Bali hoho :p Gbu ♡

@trisnablue: Happy birthday @weirdoinpink!! *jam bali* hahhahahahah. :p
@rennyruthR: Happy Birthday my super-cute-pink-bunny @weirdoinpink a.k.a JESSICA N****!!!!! Cie yang abis pool party (◦˘⌣˘◦)εˇ )

@shashaaaaa: Happy Birthday @weirdoinpink !! ☺ ☺

: Happy birthday hai sesama xu! @weirdoinpink .semoga semua cita2ny trcapai dan makin kreatif. :D God bless

@felicipurp: Piink!!Happy early birthdaay!! Haha it hasn't 12 yet actually hahaha wish you a fab life and be a great designer! *smooch* @weirdoinpink

@Anggiasp: Happy birthday to my pinky sista, @weirdoinpink. Stay cute, beautiful and amazing. Hv an awesome bday in Bali! Love love, xo

@adrianpanata: happy birthday @weirdoinpink :))) you probably don't even wanna read a tweet from me,so i'll keep it simple :) wish you all the best,Gbu :)

@vqtheflutist: Happy bday my hunyi bunyi @weirdoinpink makin lucu deh lo... Semoga klakuan lo makin bener hahaha.. Keep creative.. Me ♥ u..!!

@deviDVI: Hbd @weirdoinpink! Demi tuhan g sayangggg bngt ama lu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep being sweet! I love you. Tetep jd miniatur yg unik.haha

@carloswirama: @weirdoinpink HBD jexu (waktu jakarta)

@wenndwnt: Happy bday @weirdoinpink! Best wishes for you.. Gbu :)

@adeleline: Happy birthday @weirdoinpink! Stay pretty in pink, Ci Jessi ☺

@Mrchys: Happy birthday ci @weirdoinpink I love ur artworks, God bless you ☺

@melikeygrace: Happy Birthday jess @weirdoinpink. wish you all the best. enaknya pas ultah lagi di Bali. cihuy! :D

@erisRice: @weirdoinpink happy birthday PINK! :D have a wonderful day in bali!! :)

@yollieyolla: Pinkkkkkkk happy birthdaaaay! @weirdoinpink ☺ GBU

@stellabudi: Happy birthday @weirdoinpink.. Wish you all the best yah.. GBU ;)

@brontobernot: Happy birthday @weirdoinpink! Stay cute, I love your blog. God bless :D

: Happy bday @weirdoinpink ! stay creative n fabulous w/ ur own signature style. Am really a big fan of it, btw :) Gbu!

@crunchylolly: Happy birthday @weirdoinpink wish you all the best ☺ @adiDido: Hey my lovely oily friend @weirdoinpink, happy birthday deaaaarr!! Jangan lupakan aku! *lho* ga deh, pjg umur yaa
: Happy b'day @weirdoinpink. Your blog is an inspiration to me. :)
@fberthl: HBD @weirdoinpink maaf bru ucapin siang2. Bru bngun. Haha. WUATB. Godbless.. :) @ParveenBellamy: happy birthday :) @weirdoinpink @elleyamada: @weirdoinpink heyy it's your birthday today? HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you sweetheart! Have a blast!! X

@weirdoinpink HaPpY b'Day Jessss!!!!!!!\(・ω・)/

And Renny kindly gave me this bag when we were shopping at Sukowati Market. I pointed to this bag and said "It's so cute!" Renny did the bargain (I'm bad at this field) and after she got the final price for IDR 30.000, she handed me the bag and said, "This is a gift for you, from me."

Today, checked my Tumblr and found this severely cute birthday card from my sweet junior, Josephine. Thank you so much, dear!

And..... very first birthday gift, from Alan, because he showed it after my friends gave a "midnight surprise" (got me out from hotel room forcedly and threw me into the swimmng pool). It's a GIF animation, took a gigantic effort to create one, and that's why I consider this as the sweetest thing I've ever received.


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