Oct 29, 2011


Vini, vidi, vici!! I came to Tennis Indoor Senayan and got a quite good spot to watch the concert but still not close enough. Then I saw ADAM YOUNG ON THE STAGE (he was seriously cute, seriously cute), I got through the another audiences around me and... managed to reach the front row. Me and Adam, 3 meters only!! Then I felt like a winner.
I made this but idiotically LEFT it at home.
 Breanne Duren as guest star. She was so adorable! Her voice was very unusual... yet strikingly lovely. The way she dressed up really reminds me of Zooey Deschanel.
 AND THIS WAS the closest distance between me and him. Took a good picture too.
 With Adrie Subono, the promotor from Java Musikindo. Thank you so much for bringing Adam here!

But there's also a disappointment. A big one, actually. Adam tweeted nothing about the concert in Indonesia, and I had a short chat with the Meet and Greet winners after the concert. They said Adam was actually having a bad mood due to the traffic jam and feeling unwell. Thanks a lot to Jakarta's worst street management. Adam didn't do any interaction with the audiences, extremely wish he would come down from the stage and shake our hands, damn it.
But still, last night was ZOMFG.

Because we were not allowed to bring DSLR camera, the pictures that I took are not satisfying. Those are some awesome photos from the concert, thanks to one of the Java Musikindo photographers, Rude Billy for giving me a permission to post these!


Now I can die in peace. Said he will come again next year? Double ZOMFG, I'll definitely come to give him the card and more additional gifts.


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