Nov 5, 2011

Not So Awesome Friday

Went to Emax at Kemang yesterday, accompanied Katherin to take her price. She won a IDR 750.000 Hush Puppies voucher *drool*, and had lunch at Amigos which was a huge mistake for a broke girl like me. Shared a plate of nachos with my sister and drank only one single glass of ice tea, yet it still costed IDR 50.000 for each person. Ssssshit.
And moved to Taman Anggrek. Bought nothing.

By the way, I'm currently doing a project. Have you watched Owl City's Alligator Sky music video? Remember the last part when there was a flashback of something like his memories on the earth...? Well, Adam inspired me to make a remembrance of my random daily activities by recording one activity for around three seconds only, then I'm going to record maybe around 40 brief parts, then combine them all into one video.

And yesterday, at Periplus, I recorded myself with self-timer mode when nobody was around. Then I realized that I was exactly being supervised by a CCTV.

Told you that I'm a weirdo.


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