Jan 10, 2012

October - December, 2011

Done. I once mentioned about a video project in this post and here is the result. Feel free to make critics because I know the compilation is not really good, haha. But I'm keep going on for this and will make one video for one month because the process is fun and very easy. 
By the way, the background music is titled The Winner Is by Mychael Danna from Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack, I can't add the credits in the description because YouTube is having a technical error....

My first 3 days of semester two only allowed me to get 8 hours of sleep. I had a sleepless night yesterday  due to my unfinished Observational Graphics holiday assignment but me and my friends ended up.... staying tuned on a hilarious twitwar : @HaqueMarissa vs @apriliokevin and @addiems and I have to say that this narcissistic politician is mentally disturbed. Her blog is even funnier than Smosh videos. And I adore Kevin and Addie's son-and-dad bond so much!

(Why on earth am I talking about this?)


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