Jan 26, 2012


The Yearbook : La Fete is finally here. La Fete means "party" in French, and that is the universal theme for each class' photo session. Another classes took the sub themes such as glamour party, night party, tea party, garden party, birthday party, kids party and house party... and then it came up with a confusion for my own class. Then I got a bell ring from one of Gogirl! magazine's photo spread : exquisite pictures of a hippie couple at a meadow. I thought it was a brilliant idea because hippie theme doesn't require any expensive fee for renting a place (simply look for a vacant lot!) and the costumes are quite easy. My class accepted the idea and ta-daaa....!
The VW van, VW beetle car and vespa were borrowed from Adys' super generous neighbor... for free!


Amalia Az Zahra said...

cool year book!

Jessica Xu said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

stunning banget, sangat menginspirasi

Anonymous said...

Beli kostum2 hippie nya gitu dimana ya? hehe

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