Feb 24, 2012

A Follower on Friday

No, this little dog isn't my new pet. He approached me for several times after I got off the bus from the campus, and I rewarded him with a caress before I left. And this afternoon I met him again when I was back from the mini market with my sister and Aria. He totally followed us, until we were upstairs and about to enter the house... we were confused for a minute but then Aria took him to the security officers to ask if they knew this dog's owner, but they did not.

We assumed that he had no master, so we took care of him for a while, with malt milk and some embraces. However, three of us were actually doubtful. For a stray dog, this dog was very clean and looked well treated (I didn't even smell any stink!) and later, it was all answered... suddenly he reached the door, just as a sign that he wanted to go out. We let the dog out (aw, yeah, literally) and he deftly stepped out, sniffed along the road and it was our turn to follow him. Until.... the real owner came. Mystery solved... case closed.

There was a little disappointment haha, because he was a silent cutie with real puppy eyes. We even thought to make him as a company for Aria's beagle, Beatles (Bebe, for short). 

But the owner told us that he purposely let his dog wanders outside the house, so there will be a chance every day to see him. (By the way I'm not really sure about his type... is it Australian cattle dog? CMIIWW.)



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