Feb 2, 2012

Hey, F

Today is the last day of Block Teaching week for Interior Design 2011 class.....such a bless. The climax part, installation project that requires the students to make a bigger 3D construction than the usual weekly assignment, was damn exhausting. However, it's done. Time to hibernate.
Since I won't upload anything from the Block Teaching, enjoy these random shots!

Landscape painting by Kung, my classmate. He taught himself to be an acrylic painter only by watching the tutorials on YouTube. Impressive.

Observational Graphics assignment... calendar with technical font.

This is a flash disk.

Alice's "deceiving" wallet. The first time I saw it, I thought it was a chunk of tempe that wrapped in newsprint, haha!

Notice the wall?

My new watch. Yes, what did I say about the transition craps and the new "me" who no longer in obsession with pink things? In this case, my excuse is... as a university student and procrastinator, I terribly need one, and this Hello Kitty watch is the only affordable and decent type that I found. This also reminds me of Robert Langdon and his Mickey Mouse watch. Yeah... 

Another food sent from heaven.


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