May 30, 2012

Charity Night 2012 : The Wicked

Attended the annual Charity Night in my alma mater, SMAK Penabur GS last Friday on May 18. My juniors who are in twelfth grade now presented the famous Broadway musical drama, The Wicked. I have to say that the show was spectacular! The plot was actually a little confusing for me, but I really appreciated what the cast and crews had hardly worked on : the stage settings, properties, the costumes... and the whole cast did a marvelous job. Glinda was so expressive and Elphaba sang beautifully.

 Photos are courtesy of Filemon Sondakh and Jessica Yohanes.

And this is me with my junior, Josephine :3


Jessica said...

aaaa i watched the Wicked in Singapore, and seeing your photos, i bet the show was great too!! :) :)
anw, hello from penabur too xD i'm an alumni from smak 1 :)

Jessica Xu said...

Whoa hello there! Greetings from Penabur GS, haha!
You're so lucky! Yess my juniors are wonderful :D

Sue Lyn said...

I watched it as well and I loved every bit of it! Always makes me want to join acting and drama classes. Haha! Your juniors look so much like the actual characters too. Good job! x

Jessica Xu said...

I saw the commercial on TV but too bad I couldn't go to Singapore :(
Yes I loved the show, totally worth to watch :"D proud of them

The Petite Blogger said...

i watched the wicked in london! was such a good musical!!!!!! cool blog! keep it up girl!

xoxo jenna

Jessica Xu said...

Whoa London, awesome! And thanks! :D

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